This Youtube channel has crossed the line after publicizing Yoo Ah-in’s “boyfriend”’s real name

A famous YouTube channel dealing with celebrity gossip has crossed the line after spreading rumors that Yoo Ah-in’s boyfriend is sculptor Choi Ha-neul. Netizens responded that this was somewhat absurd.   

On Jan 6th, a video titled “Shocking identity of the man who is currently mentioned as Yoo Ah-in’s boyfriend” was posted on the YouTube channel “Drama Gallery.”

Drama Gallery said, Yoo Ah-in and his boyfriend are first found out through their Instagram. The two have been showing such a unique relationship on this SNS platform that we can even call it ‘Lovestagram,’ Yoo Ah-in even posted a picture of sculptor Choi Ha-neul with a caption saying, ‘Why do you open your eyes like that?'”

“Sculptor Choi Ha-neul is famous as an artist who melts queer identity into his work. Choi Ha-neul also uploaded Yoo Ah-in’s photos on his Instagram,” the channel explained. “On the day Yoo Ah-in posted the mentioned post, Choi Ha-neul also posted a picture of Yoo Ah-in with a caption saying, ‘Why do you open your eyes like that? Huh?’ On the same day, they posted the same caption and photos of each other’s faces, which has become a hot topic,” it said.

The two have shown their close relationship by posting not only photos of each other but also posts of them touching each other. Choi Ha-neul also posted a photo taken with Yoo Ah-in without addition or subtraction, showing that he does not hide his relationship,” adding “Currently, Choi Ha-neul is a talented artist recognized by the art world. He is famous for revealing that he is homosexual and reflecting this identity in his work.”

Netizens who saw this responded that it was somewhat absurd. They said, “I am supporting Yoo Ah-in as an actor, is it necessary to mention his identity?” “Even if this is true, should it be handled in a video like this?” “I support whoever Yoo Ah-in decides to date,” and “I don’t think it’s right to expose him like this through a video even though he hasn’t confirmed anything.”

Currently, the video is receiving great attention with more than 150,000 views.

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