Yoo Ah-in and his boyfriend publicize photos taken together but have controversial hand gestures

Yoo Ah-in revealed his recent situation on SNS. 

Sculptor Choi Ha-neul posted several photos on Jan 26th. Yoo Ah-in appeared in these photos posted without any caption, drawing attention.

Yoo Ah-in boyfriend

Yoo Ah-in in the photo is taking a mirror selfie with sculptor Choi Ha-neul. His sleek jawline and sharp nose drew admiration from the audience. The two smiled with playful poses and facial expressions.

Yoo Ah-in boyfriend
Yoo Ah-in boyfriend

In particular, in their face-to-face photo, everyone can feel a strong friendship between the two.

Yoo Ah-in boyfriend
Yoo Ah-in boyfriend

Earlier, Yoo Ah-in and Choi Ha-neul have posted photos of each other on Instagram and boasted about their friendship. 

Yoo Ah-in boyfriend
Yoo Ah-in boyfriend
yoo ah in
In a moment of excitement, the couple also raised their “middle finger”, making netizens wonder about their intention. Is this a normal gesture or is there a hidden message that they want to send to haters?

Users of the community theqoo commented, “Yoo Ah-in is really handsome,” “His face is really something, I’m so jealous,” “He has lost a lot of weight. Is he preparing for his next work?” “Are you filming your next work? Please film something with that face,” admiring his beauty.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in recently confirmed to be in the cast of Netflix’s original series “The Fool of the End.” In addition, he will be active in filming the movies “Operation Seoul”, “Match”, and “High Five”.


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