The touching message left by father of the late actress Kim Mi-soo, who passed away while appearing in drama “Snowdrop”

The father of actress Kim Mi-soo, who passed away while appearing in JTBC’s drama “Snowdrop”, made a new post.

On January 26th, Mr. Kim, Kim Mi-soo’s father, posted an article about “Snowdrop” on the writer-related community. He introduced himself as a lecturer in Korean history and has been writing scenarios by himself.

Mr. Kim said, “I once said I would express my opinions on the history distortion controversy surrounding drama ‘Snowdrop’, but I want to put my thoughts aside”, adding, “This is because an argument may lead to another argument and rebuttal may lead to another rebuttal”. He co, “Conflicts to some extent can become the driving force behind the development of society, but excessive conflicts lead to social disputes”, adding, “I hope our culture can develop further and our awareness will grow with reasonable and logical criticisms.”

Father of the late actress Kim Mi-soo

He then added, “I was a typical ‘586 generation’ member who gives lectures on Korean history, and I read Snowdrop’s script carefully. (The script) was somewhat different from the truth, but I often used methods that added tension while writing historical works.”

Father of the late actress Kim Mi-soo

Kim confessed, “It has been three weeks since my daughter passed away, but my time stopped at the time before she left. I can’t give lectures, so I’m taking a break for a while. I’m no longer confident in writing scenarios and scripts that always use my daughter as the main character now that my driving force is gone.”

Father of the late actress Kim Mi-soo

At the end of the post, he wrote, “Actress Kim Mi-soo’s eternal fan – Mi-soo’s dad.” Meanwhile, Kim Mi-soo suddenly died at home on Jan 5th.

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