Kim Jong-kook ♥ Song Ji-hyo’s sweet back hug (Outrun by Running Man)

The last episode of Disney+’s original program “Outrun by Running Man” will be released on February 2. In this episode, Haha transforms into a director and reveals the pleasant [Running Man] music video scene.

In the 14th episode of “Outrun by Running Man”, Haha will transform into a music video director and unravel all the stories he wants to tell.

The filming, which was conducted with the [Running Man] members, is expected to have the love line between Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo, who exude a strange pink atmosphere under the bold setting of “romance addict” Haha.

kim jong kook song ji hyo
kim jong kook song ji hyo

In addition, it will provide viewers with a variety of fun in a fresh style that has never been seen before, such as missions that have to be completed within the filming time limited to 4 hours.

“Outrun by Running Man” is a new-concept variety show in which Kim Jong-kook, Haha, Ji Suk-jin and special guests will gather to provide upgraded missions and the best laughter.

kim jong kook song ji hyo
kim jong kook song ji hyo

Kim Jong-kook, Haha and Ji Suk-jin will unfold an expanded worldview with special transformations. Besides, the program will also give viewers some sort of pleasure through various unpredictable episodes, including episodes with existing members and appearances of special guests that exceed expectations.

[Running Man]’s first spin-off “Outrun by Running Man” airs every Wednesday on Disney+.


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