Jimin (AOA) continues to be exposed by FNC’s ex-trainee: Hitting other trainees, bullying AOA members

On the Pann forum, a girl claiming to be a former trainee of FNC – AOA’s agency uploaded a post to reveal more about Jimin, making the drama over internal conflict even more intense. This girl told the story of herself being bullied by AOA leader Jimin while she was a trainee under the company.

The story of FNC’s ex-trainee caught netizens’ attention. There is a huge number of comments below the post, mainly showing their sympathy with the OP as well as two former AOA members who are said to be bullied by Jimin – ChoA and Mina.

The original post is as follows:

“I quit FNC Ent. after 2 years that brought me sickness both physically and mentally.

I don’t have an outstanding character, but I somehow got into the company.

Shin Jimin always belittled my appearance (If someone praises me on my looks, she would give me death glare).

She would throw the monthly evaluation paper at my face.

She would bump into me if she saw me and hit me with her fists,…. 

It suffocates me to think of the time I cried for 2 hours in front of the practice room because I didn’t want to enter the room. 

AOA members may look close to each other, but it’s the reality version of the law of the jungle. All of them are walking on eggshells around that one person, she’s trying to drive a wedge between them.

She acts all cutesy in front of male trainees. It was terrifying. The kind ones will never survive here. 

Does it apply to kind people all over the world?

My mom took me out of there right before I started having mental illness.

I totally can relate to how Mina feels, it breaks my heart to see all the news about her. She’s really kind and also fragile. So is ChoA. 

It took so long for this to get exposed.”

Here are some top comments from netizens under the post:

1. [+500][-0] There would always be at least one person in the society who’s terrifying and sickening like Jimin… I don’t understand, why do they torment other people? What’s the reason behind their rotten personality? I used to be bullied by a girl like Jimin back when I was in high school.

2. [+367][-7] I think the rest of the members had no other choice but to stay because they need to earn money. I think Choa and Mina were too exhausted that money is no longer their priority.

3. [+305][-0] I think the other members chose to stay because they need money and they still can hold it in to themselves. When Choa left, Jimin was probably afraid she may screw up the group even more that she kept her behaviour down.

4. [+134][-5] Is there anything that proves she is a former FNC trainee? You guys believe her even when she doesn’t have any proof? 

5. [+128][-2] In the end, the most fragile members, Choa and Mina, withdrew from the group. Image wise, Seolhyun may look the softest, but she’s actually strong and smart. She made the best decision to not harm other members but still managed to survive in the group, which is to be adored by the most powerful member in the group. When Mina went through the bullying, she must’ve been worried about herself too. And Jimin knows how to build trust in other people’s eyes so that people won’t notice her bullying Mina. I’m sure Jimin treats Seolhyun nice because she has a big fandom and popularity. Eventually, Seolhyun and Jimin build a win-win situation. Because they know, the closer they get, the more they can take from each other. 

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