Kwon Min Ah makes an additional position on the 50-million-won luxury item scam, “I didn’t pay the money”

On January 18th, Kwon Min Ah posted on her SNS account, saying “I didn’t pay 50 million won”, adding “We decided to trade our favorite bags and my bag worth 50 million won”.

She explained, “After we exchanged our contact numbers, name, and address, I sent the 50 million won item as promised. The other person already received my bag”, adding “After receiving the item, that person went missing. All the information they gave me is all fake”.


On the previous day, Kwon Min Ah said, “I was scammed out of 50 million won in a secondhand item transaction”, then revealed the nickname of the “scammer”. She continued asking, “If you used to be scammed or have any information about the person with that nickname, please send me a DM (direct message).”

Netizens then criticized Kwon Min Ah for paying a large amount of money without confirming the identity of the other person, so the female singer had to correct her post.

Kwon Mina

As there is a high risk of scams on secondhand online markets, face-to-face transactions are always recommended for high-priced products. People are also recommended to search and check the identity of the other person in their transaction. In the case of high-value transactions, we can also choose the best option of a cash payment or transferring money through an that allows card payments. In Korea, this app allows user to suspend their payment if they find any sign of a scam.

Meanwhile, Kwon Min Ah debuted as a member of AOA in 2012 but left the group in 2019. After solving her conflict with her former leader Jimin, Kwon Min Ah turned to acting and recently appeared in the music video of a Vietnamese singer. 

Source: Nate

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