A former SM idol is in danger of facing chemical castration, the 1st time in the entertainment industry 

The possibility of this former SM idol getting chemically castrated for his sex crimes has been raised. 

According to China’s Sina Entertainment, the Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Court sentenced Kris Wu to 11 years and 6 months in prison for rape and 1 year and 10 months for group obscenity on December 25 last year. The court also ordered that he be deported abroad at the end of his sentence.

Kris Wu, a Canadian native, will be deported to Canada after serving 13 years in the Chinese prison if the first trial is confirmed. However, Canada is implementing chemical castration on sex offenders, so it seems that Kris Wu will be subjected to it. 

Kris Wu

Chemical castration refers to the suppression of sexual activity or libido by administering sexual assault impulse control drugs. Since it is a security disposition (a disposition to supplement or replace punishment to prevent recidivism), it is a compulsory disposition that does not seek the consent of the party involved. 

Currently, Canada is known to be running educational programs such as counseling and treatment along with chemical castration that lowers testosterone levels, the source of sexual impulses, by injecting hormones to sex offenders.


Kris Wu debuted in 2012 as a member of EXO under SM Entertainment. In 2014, he filed a lawsuit against SM to invalidate the exclusive contract, withdrew from the group, and returned to China to promote as an actor and solo singer.

Kris Wu was arrested in August 2021 for sexual assault of a minor. Netizens also raised allegations of gang rape. At a party held at his house in December 2020 before filming a MV for a new song, he had sex with a minor, A, around 7 in the morning when all the party attendees left.

At that time, he invited A to attend the party under the pretext of an interview to play the female lead in his new MV. He also deposited 30,000 yuan (KRW 5.33 million) for A to go shopping.

Source: Wikitree. 

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