“Jang Chen vs Kang Hae-sang, who is the scarier villain?”… A difficult problem that bothers “The Outlaws” fans’ heads

Viewers’ reviews on the two villains in the movie “The Outlaws” season 1 and 2 are drawing attention.

“The Outlaws 2”, which was released on May 18th, is receiving praise from the public as it continues the success of the previous season.

In particular, reviews on Jang Chen (played by Yoon Kye-sang), the “final boss” in season 1, and Kang Hae-sang (played by Son Seok-koo), the new villain in season 2, were divided among the audience.

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In addition, talking about who is scarier, Jang Chen or Kang Hae-sang, has become one of the biggest fun after watching the movie.

In “The Outlaws” season 1, Jang Chen appears as a notorious crime lord who ruled the Harbin area. He led the work by pouring out famous lines such as “Do you know who I am?” with his overwhelming eyes and brutal vibe.

The scene where he fights in the bathroom with Ma Seok-do (played by Ma Dong-seok), a police officer in Seoul’s Crime Unit, as well as the scene where he peels the shrimp shell and eats it are still being talked about as legendary scenes.


In “The Outlaws 2”, Kang Hae-sang is portrayed as a heinous character who murders Koreans in Vietnam and extorts money.

Kang Hae-sang is a cruel person who brutally kills all the people he does not like.

The audience who said Jang Chen was scarier showed reactions such as “This character’s impact was enormous”, “His existence itself is scary”, “He’s full of charisma”…


On the other hand, there were also viewers who chose Kang Hae-sang, saying, “He’s scarier because he’s a person who might exist in reality” and “If the two of them compete, Kang Hae-sang will win.”

As the audience’s opinions on the two main characters are sharply divided, expectations for the movie are rising among those who have not yet watched “The Outlaws 2”.

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Meanwhile, “The Outlaws 2”, which is loved by many people due to its harmonious combination of brilliant action, sensible lines and actors’ passionate performance, is currently being screened in theaters nationwide with great acclaim.

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