Junho x Suzy concert collaboration stage in the past is as hot as the one Junho performed with Yoona (Girls Generation)

Appearing at the recent 2021 MBC Music Festival, singer-actor Junho and Girls’ Generation Yoona decorated the opening stage with an impressive couple dance performance.

Apart from Yoona, Junho once performed a collaboration stage with Suzy. In 2014, the ‘2014 JYP NATION – ONE MIC” concert was held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul. Including CEO Park Jin-young, artists who were under JYP Entertainment at that time, such as 2PM, Miss A, GOT7, Sunmi, Yeeun, Baek A-yeon, etc., showed amazing performances.

Lee Junho Suzy

Various collaboration stages were presented on the concert day, including one performed by Junho and Suzy. The two drew attention by doing a couple dance to the song “Nobody Business”.

Lee Junho Suzy

Junho appeared on the stage in a black leather jacket, while Suzy wore a set of pink crop top and skirt. The two idols then melted the hearts of fans and amazed all the audiences there with a performance that was full of bold skinships.

Lee Junho Suzy

In the end, Junho and Suzy stood closely and held each other’s hands tightly, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

Lee Junho Suzy

People who saw this collaboration complimented Junho and Suzy, saying, “This combination is no joke”, “The two’s chemistry is so good”, “This visual combination is really the best”.


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