The reason why Lee Se-young of “The Red Sleeve” never take any R-rated bed scene

Actress Lee Se-young confessed why she did not take any bold bed scenes.

Recently, in a video interview commemorating the end of MBC’sThe Red Sleeve held in front of various media, Lee Se-young revealed why her bed scene with Lee Jun-ho was not R-rated. Lee Se-young said, “Because it’s a historical drama, I thought the kiss scene alone would feel high-quality enough, whether I took off my clothes or not.”

In fact, she did make the viewers of “The Red Sleeve” flutter without showing her skin. Especially, the mournful acting through her eyes towards Lee Jun-ho made the audience feel the affectionate love between them.

Why Lee Se-young never take any R-rated bed scene

In the past, Lee Se-young had made a statement regarding her opinion about taking bed scenes. In an interview with a media outlet in 2017, Lee Se-young was asked, “Aren’t you greedy for a more grown-up role?” This is because Lee Se-young used to be a child actor, and she has mostly focused on bright roles with appearances that look younger than her age.

Why Lee Se-young never take any R-rated bed scene

Lee Se-young, who was 26 years old at the time, said, “If there is no problem for me to digest such characters, I am satisfied with even the young-looking roles,” adding, “I don’t care much about that.” When asked if she plans to take off her child actor image, she then drew attention by saying, “Just because I said I would take it off doesn’t mean I will immediately become an adult.”

Why Lee Se-young never take any R-rated bed scene

After hearing about this, her fans responded even more enthusiastically, saying, “She’s so straightforward” and “I think she can become a really big actor.”

Meanwhile, Lee Se-young made her debut with MBC’s children’s program “Kiss Kiss” in 1997 and appeared in numerous works such as KBS2’s “The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop,” tvN’s “The Crowned Clown” and SBS’s “Doctor John.”

Why Lee Se-young never take any R-rated bed scene
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