“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Tae Soo-mi’s son confessed “I hacked Raon” → Coming to see Woo Young-woo and betraying his mom 

The reason why Tae Soo-mi (Jin Kyung)’s son came to meet Woo Young-woo is revealed.

The preview video for episode 16 of ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” released on August 18th shows Choi Sang-hyun (Choi Hyun-jin) appearing during the confirmation hearing of his mother Tae Soo-mi.

extraordinary attorney woo

In the video, Tae Soo-mi is busy preparing for her confirmation hearing. At that time, Choi Sang-hyun appears and draws attention as he tells his mother the fact that he hacked Raon.

However, Tae Soo-mi says, “It’s good that you told me the truth. From now on, you can’t say it to anyone. I will take care of everything”. It seems like she would hide his son’s wrongdoing. Choi Sang-hyun stares at Tae Soo-mi with anxious eyes.

Meanwhile, in the 15th episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, Tae Soo-mi’s son was seen visiting Woo Young-woo’s office at Hanbada law firm.

The teaser released at the end of episode 15 also included a scene where Woo Young-woo said, “I’ll meet with attorney Tae Soo-mi and ask her to allow Sang-hyun to testify in court”.

extraordinary attorney woo

Attention is focused on whether Woo Young-woo and her younger brother Choi Sang-hyun will face Tae Soo-mi together.

extraordinary attorney woo

The 16th episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which is also the last episode, will air on the evening of August 18th.

Source: daum

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