Squid Game Lee Jung Jae and his 7-year love story with Im Se-ryung

As ‘Squid Game’ went viral, netizens are once again focusing on the love story of actor Lee Jung Jae and his girlfriend Im Se-ryung, Daesang Group’s vice chairwoman. 

7 years since the official dating announcement in 2015

The two first met through an acquaintance’s introduction in 2005. They maintained close friendship before developing into a romantic relationship. It was in January 2015 that their relationship was officially revealed after Lee Jung-jae and Im Se-ryung were caught going out together at a restaurant by a media outlet.

 Im Se-ryung lee jung jae

At that time, Lee Jung-jae’s side cautiously admitted his relationship: “Recently, we started meeting carefully with feelings more than friends.”

The two had been embroiled in dating rumors several times before officially confirming their relationship. It was rumored that they went on a trip to the Philippines together in 2010 and got married in 2012.

However, Lee Jung Jae admitted they were dating in 2015. This drew a line that all rumors in the past were not true. 

 Im Se-ryung lee jung jae

He also showed consideration for his girlfriend. At that time, Lee Jung Jae’s side said, “As an entertainer, I think that getting attention from the public is a part of my job and I have to endure it to some extent. But Im Se-ryung is just a normal person and especially a mother of two children, so I want to prevent Im Se-ryung and her family from being hurt or their privacy being violated.”

Confidently dating at the movie theater, in Hong Kong and the U.S

After acknowledging their relationship, the two showed their love development without the need of looking out for other people around them.

They were spotted going to a movie theater in 2017 and having a meal at a restaurant in 2018, respectively. 

In April of the next year, the news of their date in Hong Kong was spread. The two attended the 7th Art Basel Hong Kong Art Market in Hong Kong together. In fact, both Lee Jung Jae and Im Se-ryung are known to have deep knowledge in art. The fact that Lee Jung Jae’s best friend Jung Woo-sung was also present at this event drew a lot of attention. 

 Im Se-ryung lee jung jae

In November of the same year, they attended the ‘LACMA Art + Film Gala’ held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, California and showed a warm, sweet appearance. Actor Lee Byung-hun and director Bong Joon-ho also participated in this event. 

Meanwhile, Im Se-ryung (the eldest daughter of Daesang Group’s honorary chairman Im Chang-wook) married Lee Jae-yong (Samsung Group’s vice-chairman) in 1998, but got divorced in February 2009 by agreement. They have a son and a daughter.

 Im Se-ryung lee jung jae

Source: Daeum

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