IVE won 33 trophies on music shows and topped music chart, the undeniable “Rookie of the Year”

“MZ Representative Icon” IVE showed the potential to take first place without appearing on a music show.

Kpop girl group IVE, which consists of Ahn Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Jang Wonyoung, Liz, and Lee Seo, recently took first place with the title song of their 3rd single “After LIKE” on KBS2’s
“Music Bank”, which was broadcast on September 23rd.

IVE, who recently concluded their promotion for “After LIKE”, proved their overwhelming popularity by taking first place without appearing directly at the show, and Jang Wonyoung, who is a regular MC of “Music Bank”, received the 1st place trophy directly on behalf of her group. 

Afterwards, through Starship Entertainment, the female idol, “I’m really grateful that IVE is receiving so much love. Due to COVID-19, it has been a long time since I and the members met the audience face-to-face, so the atmosphere on site was great. I was so surprised to see them all sing and dance to ‘Love Dive’ every now and then. Thanks to a lot of people who loved everything from our debut song ‘Eleven’ to ‘Love Dive’ and ‘After LIKE’,  we was able to win 33 awards even after our promotions ended. I would also like to express my gratitude to our agency Starship, IVE’s staff, IVE’s family members, and our beloved Dive (fandom of IVE), who work hard together.”

With another trophy from “Music Bank”, IVE managed to attain a monumental achievement of 33 trophies on music show. In particular, the group’s debut song “Eleven” won 13 times, including triple-kills from all 3 terrestrial broadcasters, “Love Dive” then won 10 trophies, and “After LIKE” added another 10, leading to an impressive number after 10 months of debut.

According to the Circle Chart (Gaon Chart) on the 37th week of 2022, “After LIKE” has followed the footsteps of its predecessors “Eleven” and “Love Dive”, and topped digital charts and streaming charts for two consecutive weeks, proving its syndrome-level popularity. The song has also been receiving hot responses on many foreign music charts, and is continuing its long -term popularity.

With such a dazzling career, IVE, who has proven themselves as a “MZ Representative Icon,  plans to continue communicating with fans through various activities, including performances at music festivals. 

Source: daum

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