Suriname government has protested against “Narco-Saints” since last year… The controversy that affects the safety of Koreans living in Suriname 

Money Today recently reported that the Suriname government has expressed disagreement with the title of Netflix’s drama “Narco-Saints” from the behind since last year. 

South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contacted Netflix Korea since last year to convey the Suriname government’s concerns about the drama “Narco-Saints” which uses “Suriname” as its Korean title. 

Narco Saints

An official from Latin American media said, “Suriname government has been making requests to change the title”, adding “They expressed their opinions to Netflix Korea and came up with the agreement of keeping the Korean title as ‘Suriname’ and changing the English title to ‘Narco-Saints’”.


Earlier, according to information on the Suriname government’s website, Suriname’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Albert Ramdin mentioned “Narco-Saints” and said, “We will consider taking legal action against the production company”.

He pointed out that “Narco-Saints” dealt with the story of the leader of a drug cartel in Suriname and that the drama described his country as “the country of drugs”.

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There are currently about 50 overseas Koreans living in Suriname.

The warning of legal action from the Suriname government led to great concerns over the safety of Koreans living in Suriname.  

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The South Korean Embassy in Venezuela issued a safety notice, saying “Koreans living in Suriname may be in a lot of trouble due to the aftermath of the broadcasting of ‘Narco-Saints’”, adding “We will do our best for the safety of everyone”.

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The Embassy added, “First of all, please pay attention to your own safety”, adding “If you have any questions or need help, please contact the President of the Korean Society immediately”.

In other words, Koreans living in Suriname at the moment are in danger because of “Narco-Saints”. 

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In response to this issue, netizens commented, “Why did the production company of ‘Narco-Saints’ or Netflix Korea proceed with such a project even though they could have predicted that there would be such an issue?”, “It is somewhat regrettable that the drama has caused a threat to overseas Koreans”, etc.

Narco Saints

Netflix Korea is still silent about the controversy. In an interview for the release of “Narco-Saints”, director Yoon Jong-bin said, “I won’t comment anything”.

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