From Soyou to TWICE Jeongyeon, many female stars have suffered from side effects of steroids

Many female celebrities have complained about the side effects of steroids, such as weight gain, slipped discs, and shingles. 

On November 24th, Soyou said on her Youtube channel, “Everyone, I have sad news to tell you”, adding “I guess I would have gotten better when this video is uploaded. I got a herniated cervical disc”. She continued, “So what I’m trying to say is that I’ve gained some weight. And I heard it was steroids that caused this weight gain”. Soyou, who was famous for having a healthy and solid body, showed up in front of the camera with a swollen face, unlike her unusual appearance.


Soyou is not the only person who complained about the side effects of steroids. Broadcaster Choi Hee also suffered symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, such as facial paralysis and hearing loss, as a result of shingles in June and had to spend time focusing on rehabilitation. She explained, “In the past, I used to have 11-shaped abs, but I gained some weight after taking steroids for a long time”.


Choi Hee continued, “Following the treatment, I had to take medication for a long time. The doctor told me, ‘You’ll only gain a little weight’, but I gained a lot. Still, I couldn’t do anything else to recover from shingles. Now I should focus on taking care of my body rather than dieting”. She also revealed her plan to recover by exercising.

After taking a hiatus from her activities due to chronic diseases and health problems, TWICE Jeongyeon worried fans when she appeared at the group’s concert with some weight gains. Fans were even sadder knowing that the female idol gained weight due to steroids, which were prescribed to cure her neck and thyroid issues. Jeongyeon has already ended rumors of health abnormalities, and she is participating in group activities with a bright and healthy appearance. 

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Singer Lee Eun Ha also honestly confessed that she gained 35kg as a side effect of steroids. She said, “I had back stenosis. However, I continued to work to pay off the debt but then had to go to the emergency room because my back pain became serious. I worked after taking steroid injections to relieve the pain”, adding “The doctor told me to quickly have surgery, but I couldn’t take surgery due to the debt. That’s why I went to another hospital and visited the emergency room every two days.”

Choi Hee

She shared, “Cushing’s syndrome is one of the side effects of steroids. I gained 35kg. I once weighed up to 94kg. When I gained weight at once and my knees couldn’t hold my body, so I had artificial joint replacement surgery in January. It was so frustrating”. The female singer revealed that she suffered various rumors due to the drastic change in her health condition.

Lee Eun Ha explained, “The treatment only takes effect when steroids are removed from my body, and it took me 2 years. I tried hard to lose 20kg and recover my health”. 

Source: Naver

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