IVE Ahn Yujin says she’s so busy, she has no time to be stressed

Ahn Yujin, a member of girl group IVE, reveals her everyday mindset as a famous idol who’s always busy.

On April 14th, Ahn Yujin appeared as a guest on Lee Young Ji’s YouTube show, “My Alcohol Diary”. In the video, Lee Young Ji said to Ahn Yujin, “One of the reasons why I like you so much is because you’re so objective. It’s not easy to be objective about yourself.”


Lee Young Ji also continued, “You know, being an idol, a lot of people talk about you constantly. In that situation, it’s hard to be objective about yourself, but you’re always objective. That’s why I like you so much.”

Upon hearing this, Ahn Yujin replied, “I always try to be like that.”

Lee Young Ji then expressed that she thinks Ahn Yujin is the type of person that would think a lot and get stressed a lot. However, Ahn Yujin confessed, “But you know what? Because I’m so busy, I don’t have time to be stressed. I just think about the day.”

To this, Lee Young Ji mentioned that she keeps “getting hit with reality” in her daily life, and constantly has thoughts like, “What am I doing?” or “Why am I doing this?”. 

In response, Ahn Yujin expressed her sympathy and said that Instead of thinking about what she’s doing, she would think about the reason she works hard, as well as her motivation. 

Then, when Lee Young Ji asked, “So what do you think is your motivation after thinking a lot?”, Ahn Yujin coolly replied, “I’m still thinking about it”, adding, “I don’t know yet.”

Source: Daum

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