BLACKPINK’s Lisa rumored to be a captain on Street Dance of China Season 5 alongside Wang Yibo and Cai Xukun 

Netizens are stirred up by the rumor of Lisa joining Street Dance of China season 5 as a captain. 

On March 28, a rumor about the lineup of captains for the upcoming season 5 of the dance competition show “Street Dance Of China” surfaced on Chinese SNS. Accordingly, the three stars who are rumored to be taking on this role are BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Wang Yibo, and Cai Xukun

Street Dance of China 5
BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Wang Yibo, and Cai Xukun might be the new captains for Street Dance of China S5?

Besides Wang Yibo, who has been a captain on the show for two seasons straight, attention is now drawn to brand new names, Lisa and Cai Xukun. Both Lisa and Cai Xukun were mentors in the Chinese survival show “Youth With You”. They were even embroiled in dating rumors when the show was broadcast.  

Street Dance of China 5
Lisa and Cai Xukun were rumored to be dating when they both appeared in “Youth With You” as mentors 

The possibility of a Lisa – Cai Xukun reunion in “Street Dance Of China” is creating a stir among netizens:

  • I hope this rumor is true
  • I don’t think YG will let Lisa join a Chinese show again 
  • BLACKPINK members focus more on activities in Europe now. They won’t get involved with China. 
  • I want to see Lisa and Cai Xukun together again 
  • Even if Lisa was really invited to be a captain, YG wouldn’t say yes to it  
  • Is Cai Xukun good enough to be a captain in a dancing show though? 
  • Lisa is a great dancer but she is not suitable for this position.
  • Those who are saying Lisa doesn’t suit the show clearly know nothing about her. Lisa’s dancing is even praised by professional dancers. She comes from a street dance background. If she becomes a captain, she will nail it. 
  • Lisa used to be the mentor in “Youth with You”, so of course, she may go back to China for another show.
Street Dance of China 5

Currently, most fans and netizens doubt this rumor is true, mostly because BLACKPINK members are now targeting the Western market instead of China. However, there are still many fans who are excited about the rumor and hope it becomes a reality. Lisa is a top dancer among K-pop idols and has experience in training hundreds of trainees in 2 seasons of “Youth With You”, so she totally has what it takes to become a good captain in “Street Dance of China”. Moreover, the show is going to be a great opportunity for Lisa to show off her top-tier dancing skills and boost her individual recognition in China. 

Street Dance of China 5
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