Kep1er denied receiving bias treatment from Mnet in new episode of “Queendom 2”

Rookie group Kepler talked about the allegations surrounding them.

In the second episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2,” which aired on April 7th, the competition for the representative song was depicted, following last week.

With VIVIZ and Hyolyn showing an overwhelming performance in the last broadcast, “Queendom 2”’s youngest group Kep1er will be the one performing the third stage. Kep1er debuted in 2022, so this is their first performance in front of audiences.

Kep1er decided to search for other people’s reaction to “Queendom 2” by reading online blogs. However, in a blog post, one said, “Suspicion of Mnet openly lifting Kep1er up.” The members who were reading it became more and more expressive. Mashiro said, “I knew that they would talk about us being casted.”

Yoojin agreed, “No matter how much we deny this, I don’t think they will be convinced.” The actual production team also had a lot of concerns when casting Kep1er.

Kep1er decided to perform “WADADA” on stage. The members say, “We can’t just do well. We have to do better than others.”

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