“Queendom 2” SeolA, “WJSN is not a group that is doing well… It’s frustrating” 

WJSN’s SeolA confessed her regret about her group’s success and showed her enthusiasm for “Queendom 2”. 

The episode 2 preview of Mnet’s “Queendom 2” released on April 7th shows WJSN choosing the song they will be performing in round 1 of the competition. The video starts with a gloomy atmosphere as WJSN said with difficulty, “We don’t have a representative song.” Unlike other groups that each have a hit song that represents them, WJSN does not have a track with such popularity and impact to be called a representative song, so they had a difficult time choosing a song to perform.

WJSN Seola-Queendom 2

In an interview, SeolA expressed her regret, saying, “To be honest, this is not something we want to talk about. We are not idols who are doing very well, who won No.1 on music shows for several weeks in a row or have a representative song. We were always in a vague middle spot so it’s a bit frustrating.”

Leaving behind the disappointment, SeolA showed her enthusiasm for WJSN’s participation in “Queendom 2,” saying, “I feel like I want to break away from that. That’s why I want to make (Queendom 2) an opportunity.” WJSN then selected “As You Wish,” which climbs up the charts on January 1 every year, as their representative song among numerous hidden masterpieces.

WJSN Seola-Queendom 2

Exy, who brought up the story, said, “Thankfully, it’s a song that goes backwards. Many people don’t know that this song belongs to WJSN. Now is really the time for us to show them.” 

WJSN’s stage started with SeolA’s solo intro, heralding a spectacular performance. VIVIZ’s Eunha showed her admiration by saying the stage looked “magnificent”. But after finishing the performance, WJSN returned to the waiting room with sombre expressions. Leader Exy even burst into tears, so Soobin came over to comfort her. Through this preview, curiosity about this week’s episode of “Queendom 2” is growing.

WJSN Seola-Queendom 2

Queendom 2” airs every Thursday at 9:20 PM KST.

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