Shownu (MONSTA X) writing a letter to his fans in the army

Shownu (MONSTA X (real name Son Hyun-woo, 29) sent a handwritten letter to his fans after enlisting in the military.

Shownu (MONSTA X) writing a letter to his fans in the army

On August 8, MONSTA X official SNS account has released Shownu’s handwritten letter. It was a letter that Shownu wrote on the 30th and 31st of July.

Shownu said, “I had a fun and happy evening reading the Internet letter today as well.”. “I’m going to write the last letter before turning off the light and going to bed.”.

Shownu (MONSTA X) writing a letter to his fans in the army

He told fans about the training camp. He said, “I eat as much as possible as much. They served three meals per day. I tried to eat them all without leaving a single red pepper powder.”

He continued, “I was doing push-ups in the dormitory, and the squad leader asked me if I should try as a platoon commander trainee. He told me a lot about his daily life.”.

Shownu (MONSTA X) writing a letter to his fans in the army

Shownu said, “I can use P.X since the third day. I need to recharge some sweets and now I need to focus on my training”. “If I use the phone, the members will definitely call and want to talk to me.” he said.

Meanwhile, Shownu entered the training center on the 22nd of last month. He does alternative military service as a social worker.

Shownu is known to be incapable of his active duty service. Last July, he was diagnosed with retinal detachment in his left eye and underwent surgery.

Shownu (MONSTA X) writing a letter to his fans in the army

The following is the full text of Shownu’s handwritten letter:

“To Monbebe [MONSTA X’s fandom],

Today is July 30, at 9:39 PM.

July is already over. Today, like usual, I had an enjoyable and happy evening while reading internet letters. To wrap up [the evening], I’m going to write the letter I’m going to send before I turn off the lights and go to bed…

To be honest, I sent letters two times on Monday and Thursday, but I am not sure if they will be released before or after the day that I complete military training. Either way, I’m full of Monbebe pride, so I’m writing a letter today as well.

First, with three meals a day, I try to eat as much as I can without leaving a single grain of red chili powder. Sometimes there are days when that menu on the Internet and the side dishes are different, but the meals are almost always the same.

We start off by taking allergy tests, but we still all eat the same thing, haha. Also, I am grateful for and really enjoy the member news, Olympics news, and society news that Monbebe relays to me. Ah, I have to turn off the lights, but today is not night watch, so I’ll continue to write this tomorrow. It’s being sent on Monday either way.

Sleep well.

Right now, I’m eating breakfast and writing this letter before it’s time to wash up. Ah, also, I was doing push-ups in the common area, and the squadron asked me if I could be a platoon leader. At that time, I didn’t know what was going on, so I said yes, but I’m asking for a roll call in the morning and evening. Yesterday, I got the verbal order wrong, so the atmosphere of the whole squadron suddenly got really awkward.

This is a secret, shh! Once I finish my second round of examinations on August 2, I can go to the post exchange [military convenience store], and the time the army can use it is on August 3 from 5 – 7 PM. As Nonsan’s strawberries are famous, they say that the strawberry Mongswel [Chocopie-like cake] is delicious, so I’m going charge myself up with all kinds of sweet and salty things then I have to train in full force.

When I can use the phone, I’ll be sure to say hello to the other members. I miss you. Have a good day!”

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