IU’s message to the heartless modern society

IU’s great character shines even more in modern society where people are not communicating well.

IU (Lee Ji Eun) performed a congratulatory song at the wedding of Hwang Jae Gyun and T-ara Jiyeon (Park Ji Yeon), whom she has known for 12 years. As news spread that she personally produced and gifted a tiara with pearls, Jiyeon’s birthstone, IU’s warm heart was praised.

In particular, IU’s heart was reflected in the message Jiyeon revealed. IU said, “I believe that you would cherish it as a memory so that when you look back on it after a long time, you will remember how pretty and precious you used to be when you were young.

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IU is famous for being kind to those with whom she formed relationships through dramas, movies and entertainment shows. Her good deeds, such as holiday gifts, coffee trucks and concert invitations, have already been widely known through many celebrities.

Seo Yi Sook received a gift from IU every holiday. Park Myung Soo also said on a radio show that IU gave him honey during Chuseok. In addition, IU gave Gongjindan (a traditional herbal medicine) and latest mobile phones to god and TWICE, who appeared as concert guests, respectively.

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A few days ago, god Yoon Kye Sang certified ginseng sent by IU on Instagram. Besides, IU drew attention by repaying ITZY, who appeared as a guest at her solo concert held in September this year, with long handwritten letters and luxury bags that suit the members’ tastes.

The fact that IU, who cherishes every relationship, stands out is in line with the national sentiment that has been reversed from the past. Exchanges and communication have significantly decreased as non-face-to-face online activities have increased since the pandemic and changes in communication methods due to the development of digital technology.


This also contributes to the expansion of egocentric ways of thinking. Unlike in the past, when people used to make friends with neighbors after moving house by sharing steamed rice cakes, most people nowadays do not know who lives next door. Only the issue of noise between apartments/floors is being mentioned in the media every day.

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This move of IU, who has been spreading good influence through steady donations since her debut, is a necessary attitude in a heartless era.

Source: Nate

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