Netizens react explosively to the moment when IU was flustered by the remark of a child actor

The child actor who made singer IU get embarrassed drew keen attention from netizens.

Actors Song Kang-ho, Kang Dong-won, Lee Joo-young, and child actor Lim Seung-soo, who are the main cast of the movie “Broker”, appeared as guests in the “IU’s Palette” video uploaded on IU’s official Youtube channel on June 7th.

Child actor Lim Seung-soo sang the song “Drama” in front of IU and then introduced their movie. IU told Lim Seung-soo, “For the viewers of Palette, please say anything you’d like to say, like ‘I’ll come back some times’. You can say something to your friends”

iu youtube channel

However, Seung-soo said, “My friends don’t really watch IU’s Palette”, making everyone on the filming set burst into laughter. Flustered by Seung-soo’s innocent reply, IU nervously said, “They don’t…? I see… I will work harder. I’m sorry”.

iu youtube channel

In response to this scene, netizens commented, “Kids these days don’t know IU?”, “Unnecessary honest wordsㅋㅋ”, “I only watched cartoons when I was at that age”, “He’s cute”, etc. 

Source: wikitree

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