“Reply 1988” impresses netizens after 8 years thanks to this details

8 years after its end, the K-drama “Reply 1988” continues to impress netizens due to one small detail. 

Reply 1988” is considered one of the most healing dramas of South Korea, and there are various reasons why the series continued to be loved and supported by the audience after such a long time. 

 Reply 1988

Besides its humane content, multiple heartfelt messages, and perfect acting by the cast members, “Reply 1988” also impresses viewers with its keen attention to detail.

Recently, 8 years after the drama concluded, audiences were surprised to discover a detail that was initially overlooked. In particular, attention was brought to a photo of Sun Woo’s family, which was taken when his father (played by actor Yeo Woon Bok) was still alive. Although this was a very small detail, and the photo was not clearly shown on the screen, it received a lot of praise for one specific reason. 

 Reply 1988

In particular, Sun Woo’s father, who had passed away, had very little screen time and mostly appeared through his mother’s narration. On the other hand, the little girl who played Jin Joo before 1986 (before her father passed away) didn’t even have any lines. However, the film crew was so meticulous in the casting process, to the point of finding an actor similar to Sun Woo so as to make things more believable. In addition, they also found two different actresses to play Jin Joo before 1986 and from 1988, who look similar enough to be one person in different ages, all for such a tiny scene. 

 Reply 1988

Through this detail, it can be seen that the “Reply 1988” production team paid great attention to even the smallest detail, drawing admiration. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • For one photo, they chose a whole different actress who looks like a younger version of Jin Joo? The attention to detail is truly insane
  • So cohesive even down to the smallest details… I have so much admiration for the production team…
  • Jin Joo looks like the mother, while Sun Woo resembles the father, they really choose good actors who look like a believable family…
  • How could they pay such close attention to detail? If it were another project, the production team might have just picked another random girl and taken a photo, since it was just a brief scene anyways…
reply 1988
Audiences shower “Reply 1988” with praise for such keen attention to detail

Source: K14, tvN

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