Not only a pretty face, but these girls are also full of charisma

Visual is a crucial factor that an idol must have. But along with good looks, they must also have stunning charisma as well.

Not every idol can deliver their charisma with just one glance from viewers. But here are the idols whose charisma is exceptionally loaded. The variety of attractiveness in them always makes fans anticipate even more everytime they show up.. Let’s take a look at these pictures. 

Charismatic Mijoo 1
“Kinda extra~” (Lovelyz’s Mijoo)
Charismatic Mijoo 2
How attractive~
Charismatic Suzzy 1
Overflow charms (Suzy)
Charismatic Suzy 2
An infinite beauty
Charismatic Jennie 1
A full package of sexiness (BLACKPINK’s Jennie)
Charismatic Jennie 2
What a cute smile~
Charismatic Hani 1
“I’m busy being sexy~” (EXID’s Hani)
Charismatic hani2
“I can be innocent too~”
Charismatic Sana 1
A quick smile for you~ (TWICE’s Sana)
Charismatic Sana 2
The beauty that glows ever since the morning
Charismatic Bomi 1
A cutie cuite (Apink’s Bomi)
Charismatic Bomi 2
Sexy dance~
Charismatic JooE 1
A fresh charm (MOMOLAND’s JooE)
Charismatic JooE 2
A genuine charm
Charismatic Yoojung 1
An overwhelming charisma (Weki Meki’s Yoojung)
Charismatic Yoojung 2
A pure little lady for today~

Source: Dispatch

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