Kim Seon-ho’s alleged acquaintance exposed more about his ex-girlfriend: “Kim Seon-ho is a fool who didn’t know anything”

Kim Seon-ho’s alleged acquaintance exposed more about his ex-girlfriend: “Kim Seon-ho is a fool who didn’t know anything”

In the end, additional revelations related to Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend (A) continued as predicted.

On Oct 26, B, who claimed to be an acquaintance of Kim Seon-ho and A, uploaded a video on Instagram. The video showed several women enjoying a party. B wrote, “A posted it directly on Instagram on December 24, 2019. He (Kim Seon-ho) dated her without knowing this, and A still went to other entertainment businesses after that.” It can be guessed that December 24 is A’s birthday.

Kim Seon-ho accquaintance

In addition, B said that he has another video that has not been posted on Instagram. B also mentioned the remarks made by columnist Wi Geun-woo to criticize Kim Seon-ho. He uploaded the video and wrote, “Mr. Wi Geun-woo, do entertainment businesses cook seaweed soup these days?”

Kim Seon-ho accquaintance

This seems to be a rebuttal to Dispatch’s report that Kim Seon-ho showed sincerity while boiling seaweed soup after A’s abortion surgery. B pointed out, “I just know ‘Blood will have blood’. I’ve never heard of ‘Clear up by seaweed soup’.”

According to B’s claim, Kim Seon-ho met A at an acquaintance meeting at the end of 2019 and the two started dating in early March 2020. Regarding this, B sighed deeply, “I feel sorry for Kim Seon-ho, a fool who didn’t know anything.” B added, “Let’s wait for the official position to come out soon.”

Then B continued to defend Kim Seon-ho. He said, “What I wanted to reveal is not A’s past or the conspiracy theory that is being widely discussed now, but that there’s something wrong with the disclosure itself that can shake the foundation of the incident. I hope you know that Kim Seon-ho is somewhat resentful.”

Kim Seon-ho accquaintance

In addition, B disclosed some of the message conversations with a law firm, saying, “I was constantly appeased and threatened by someone and was under various pressures for being threatened with civil and criminal liability investigation and compensation.” B presumed that the threats were made by B’s side.

Claiming that he would reveal the truth, B refuted A’s accusations and turned his Instagram account private. He revived his account after Dispatch’s report refuting A’s claim that Kim Seon-ho forced her to get an abortion under the pretense of marriage. Since then, additional claims have been made against A.

Regarding A, who exposed Kim Seon-ho’s private life, public opinion has been reversed due to the disclosure of her divorce process and Dispatch’s rebuttal. A heralded legal action against the mention of her real name. A’s lawyer, Choi Sun, said on October 21st, “We will take all possible legal action against reports, posts, and comments of malicious content,” stressing, “B is mentally in pain to the extent that she is having difficulty living her daily life because of the continuous threats she and people around her are receiving.”


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