K-netizens have mixed reactions about NCT 127 walking the AMA’s red carpet

NCT 127 will reportedly participate the 2018 American Music Awards (AMA)’s Red Carpet event and K-netizens are showing unfavourable reactions.

NCT 127 has been invited and will attend the AMA’s Red Carpet event at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on the 9th (local time),” said SM Entertainment on Oct. 2nd.

AMA is considered one of the top three music awards in the U.S. along with Billboard Music Awards and Grammy Awards. Psy and BTS are among the rare Korean stars to have ever participated in this award ceremony. This year’s AMA will feature pop stars such as Mariah Carey, Ciara, Post Malone, Halsey and Dua Lipa.

Meanwhile, NCT 127 is drawing attention as they were the first Asian singers to be selected as the “Up Next” released by Apple Music on the 1st.

“Up Next” is a corner where Apple Music editors announce the most promising global stars for artists around the world every month, and NCT 127’s documentary film and interviews will be unveiled in October

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Along with this opportunity, NCT 127 will appear on the ABC’s talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on the 8th. Prior to this, NCT 127 will appear at the “Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Concert,” which will be held in Los Angeles on the 6th.

[+232, -30] Their agency did a good job!! I am speechless as they get to attend so many major events but don’t have one single hit.

[+189, -15] Lmao

[+129, -14] So is it true that they can’t go inside and only stand on the red carpet?

[+94, -8] They can only walk on the red carpet and nothing elseㅋㅋㅋ How amazing.

[+65, -7] BTS must have help a lot to open a new road for their juniors. Of course SM has made some effort. However, it is bitter to see that the ones incomparable to Psy and BTS are the majority.

[+30, -2] As expected, a major entertainment company like SM has a lot of money.

Sources: Naver

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