IU Gets Her Driver’s License and Almost Crashes Due to Reckless Driving – But There’s a Twist

IU showcases her driving skills and pulls a prank in a lighthearted YouTube video on her channel.

IU showed off her driving skills in a recent YouTube video posted on her channel, ‘IU Official.’ Titled “IU’s Delivery: Driving… Not Easy?”, the video features IU waiting for someone while seated in the driver’s seat of her car.


IU revealed that she recently got her driver’s license and was feeling nervous behind the wheel. She explained that while some people find it easy to sing and talk while driving, she finds it challenging to focus on singing and driving at the same time. 

To alleviate this pressure, she came up with the idea of ‘Delivery with IU’, where she picks up guests and drives them to their destination while singing and chatting with them.


For her first guest, IU invited lawyer Han Moon Chul, who is known for his legal advice on traffic accidents on his YouTube channel, ‘Han Moon Chul’s Black Box Review.’ 

While driving, IU told Han Moon Chul that she is a beginner driver. Despite her nerves, IU managed to drive and chat with Han Moon Chul for a while until an incident occurred that almost caused a collision.


While in conversation, IU almost crashed into the car in front of her, but Han Moon Chul quickly warned her to stop in time. He reminded IU to maintain a safe distance from other cars to prevent accidents. 

IU felt apologetic and asked if the incident was her fault, to which Han Moon Chul clarified that she was distracted by their conversation and should always be aware of her surroundings.

As they drove, IU mistook Han Moon Chul’s destination, which was in the Mokdong area, for the nearby Myeongdong. IU said she had to step on the gas pedal as hard as possible because they were running out of time. She also performed a reckless U-turn, alarming Han Moon Chul, who quickly got out of the car.


However, all of this was just an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank by IU. IU revealed that she had planned the whole incident beforehand and even showed off her “fake driving license”, much to the amusement of their viewers.

Source: Wikitree

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