“Dr. Romantic 3”, which will return in the first half of 2023, reveal 11 major cast lineups 

Mega hit SBS drama “Dr. Romantic” will be returning with a 3rd season with almost all the cast intact. 

The long awaited SBS drama “Dr. Romantic” is returning with season 3. 


“Dr. Romantic” is a series depicting the stories of “real doctors”, who work in the shabby local Doldam Hospital, and has left viewers with deep emotions and a lingering impression.

Earlier, the production team of “Dr. Romantic” drew attention by revealing that actor Han Seok Kyu will take on the role of Teacher Kim again, following the previous seasons. 

ahn hyo seop lee sung kyung dr.romantic

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Kyung (Cha Eun Chae), Ahn Hyo Seop (Seo Woo Jin), Kim Joo Heon (Park Min Guk), Jin Kyung (Oh Myung Shim), and Yoon Na Moo (Jung In Soo), who played active parts in Season 2, will also appear in Season 3.

Since then, news of the casting of Im Won hee (Jang Ki Tae), Byun Woo Win (Nam Do Il), and Jung Ji Ahn (Eom Hyun Jung), who showed good performances in the previous season, have also been announced.


In season 3, it is predicted that the love story of So Joo Yeon (Yoon Ah Reum) and Kim Min Jae (Park Eun Tak), who made the viewers flutter, can also be seen.

On November 4th, So Joo Yeon’s agency, E&S Entertainment, acknowledged the rumors saying that she will appear in “Dr. Romantic 3”.


On November 5th, Nyam Nyam Entertainment, the agency of Kim Min Jae, also drew attention by revealing that the actor has confirmed his appearance in the drama. 

In fact, Kim Min Jae has grown into a leading actor, yet he still decided to appear as a supporting actor for “Dr. Romantic 3”. Previously, many people were doubtful about the actor’s appearance, yet he brought a pleasant surprise by showing his loyalty to the production team.

kim min jae so joo yeon dr.romantic

Regarding this, a representative from Kim Min Jae’s agency said, “Kim Min Jae grew up with ‘Dr. Romantic’. He is an actor who values ​​the flow of a project, regardless of the weight of the leading or supporting role. Please show him a lot of love” 

In response to Kim Min Jae’s decision, drama officials said, “It’s possible if it’s Kim Min Jae. He has the same beginning and end, has a great sense of responsibility, and respects the staff. He is an actor with a kind heart who cries and embraces even when the drama staff is in trouble.”

kim min jae so joo yeon dr.romantic

On the other hand, season 1 of “Dr. Romantic”, which aired in 2016, recorded the highest viewership rating of 27.6%. Season 2, which aired in 2020, saw a peak viewership rating of  27.1%, receiving great love from viewers.

so joo yeon ahn hyo seop dr.romantic

“Dr. Romantic” is a series which brings warmth every season with a solid storyline and in-depth acting by the actors. As a result, since the end of season 2, many viewers have expressed their desire for the production of a 3rd season.


“Dr. Romantic 3”, which is already receiving rave responses such as “I believe it will be a hit” and “Success is guaranteed”, will be released in the first half of next year.

Source: insight

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