“I drink very fast…”, BTS Jin’s witty comment that raises fans’ expectations for his appearance on Lee Young-ji’s show “Nothing Much Prepared”

BTS Jin captured fans’ hearts with his witty comments.

On October 7th, Jin spent time communicating with fans on the global fan community platform Weverse.

Fans posted a lot of comments and posts on Weverse raising keen interest in the surprising news of Jin appearing on the Youtube entertainment show “Nothing Much Prepared” hosted by singer Lee Young-ji as a guest.

In response to the screenshot of Lee Young-ji’s SNS post with the caption “Yes. He’s coming. He will appear on this program. That’s right. He will come here. I wanted to say it so much that I was almost dying. Please stop sending me DMs (direct messages). Yes.  It’s true. You’re right. He’s coming to the show”, Jin replied, “Please don’t die”.

When a fan wrote, “I’m on vacation so I think I will try drinking alcohol the way Seokjin does”, Jin answered, “Lee Young-ji and I drink very fast… Please don’t do it like us”.

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Under an overseas fan’s comment saying “Jin, don’t you know that a fart freezes if you put it in the freezer?”, Jin replied “Oh, frozen fart”, drawing laughter with his pleasant comment.

In addition, a fan posted a picture of Jin along with the caption “I’m getting inspiration at work every day”. Jin responded, “Inspiration~ Why are you calling me?”, enjoying his good time communicating with fans. 

bts jin

On October 7th, the production team of “Nothing Much Prepared” uploaded a preview video with Jin’s appearance and announced on their official Youtube channel, “Notice of the grand prize for ‘Nothing Much Prepared’. Have you ever thought that a superstar would come to this unprepared place? It actually happened, so be prepared”. 

In the released video, the production team introduced, “Like how he calls himself ‘superstar’, Hamster doesn’t know how to lose… From drinking to playing games… We had lots of fun”, raising fans’ curiosity about Jin’s entertainment visit.

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Right after the preview video was published, keywords such as “Nothing Much Prepared Kim Seok-jin”, “Our Kim Seok-jin”, etc. rose rapidly to the top of Twitter real-time trending in Korea, proving fans’ explosive responses to the news of Jin’s appearance.

Fans also expressed their high expectations for the chemistry between Jin, who boasts a good sense of entertainment with his bright energy, and Lee Young-ji, who has been active as an MC for the Youtube channel with 1.72 million subscribers. 

bts jin

Showing enthusiastic cheers for Jin’s appearance on “Nothing Much Prepared”, fans commented, “Kim Seok-jin, you hurt my heart. Take responsibility”, “I heard Seok-jin was very cute”, “Jin came on Weverse to see fans’ reactions after the preview was released. Isn’t he cute?”, “He really enjoys communicating and playing with fans. I love you”, etc.

Meanwhile, the final episode of “Nothing Much Prepared”, starring Jin, will be released at 7 p.m on October 20th. 

Source: daum

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