IU Expelled Illegal Ticket Resellers From Official Fanclub+Cancels Their Tickets

Singer IU has taken strong measures against those who illegally traded concert tickets

On September 22nd, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment announced, “We have taken the following measures in accordance with our policy to inform you of the reservation confirmed as illegal ticket reservations for the 2023 IU fan-concert ‘I+UN1VER5E’.”


There were a total of 12 illegal ticket transactions confirmed by the agency, and fans who made illegal ticket transactions and transaction attempts were expelled from IU’s official fanclub. In addition, their Melon Ticket ID (a ticket reservation site) will be restricted for one year.

EDAM Entertainment said, “The fraudulent ticket was canceled as individually informed, and they will be permanently expelled from the fan club,” adding, “Based on clear reports of fraudulent ticket transactions, we carefully reviewed the second time. Nevertheless, we took action only on reservations that did not meet the clarification.”

In addition, these resellers’ Melon tickets were also canceled. The agency informed, “All reservations suspected of illegal transactions at IU’s fan concert were canceled. We ask for special attention from the audience to prevent damage from illegal transactions.”

iu fan concert

Meanwhile, IU will hold the 2023 IU fan concert ‘I+UN1VER5E’ at KSPO DOME in Songpa-gu, Seoul on September 23rd and 24th. “I+UN1VER5E” is an offline event held four years after the 11th anniversary fan meeting in 2019. Since the start of the pre-sale for her official fanclub UAENA, all seats were sold out, recording the highest number of simultaneous users buying at the time.

This is IU’s first fan-concert attempt since her debut. As the combination of a fan meeting and a concert, it will have a variety of set lists, including songs that fans wanted to see and hear, as well as mega-hit songs that are familiar to everyone. A variety of corners, including a fun talk to be hosted by I.U., are also expected to be precious times that will not be forgotten for each other. In addition, 360-degree seats provide a different viewing feeling from the existing straight-line, providing a different kind of fun.

Source: daum

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