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Aiki on “Goblin Who Steals Wisdom”, “I also fall for the taste of success… I’m in a ‘remarriage’ stage”

Watcha’s original entertainment program “Goblin Who Steals Wisdom”, which was released on July 12th, dancer Aiki, R&B artist BIBI, and “Singer Again” winner Lee Seung-yoon appeared as guests.

On this day, the goblins met three people who are leading the trend in their own way rather than following the normal trend and handed them the wisdom of “hip” success.


Aiki said, “I’m Aiki, who wants to be the only one rather than the number one”, showing her ambition. BIBI impressed everyone with her unique greeting. She said, “I’m BIBI, who is as pure as a naked baby”, heating up the atmosphere from the beginning of the show. Lee Seung-yoon also showed off his presence by introducing himself as “My genre is Lee Seung-yoon”.

goblin who steals wisdom

First of all, Aiki, who shook the hearts of many fans with her sly personality, talked about the biggest changes in her life after competing in “Street Woman Fighter”, which caused a huge sensation in Korea in 2021. She stimulated fans’ curiosity about the decisive fact that made Aiki fall in love with the taste of success.

On the other hand, BIBI confessed that she started making music after suffering adolescence more intensely than others did, revealing her outstanding outspoken personality. Starting with a shocking remark, BIBI drew attention by introducing the story of her relationship with her music teachers, Yoon Mi-rae and Tiger JK. 

goblin who steals wisdom

In addition, she revealed that she was in the “new marriage” stage, surprising the goblins. Upon hearing that, Aiki nodded and said that she was in her “remarriage” stage while Lee Seung-yoon added that it was “separation” in his case, causing a chaotic scene.

Singer-songwriter Lee Seung-yoon carefully confessed his inferiority complex. While fans were curious about the inferiority complex that intimidated “my way” artist Lee Seung-yoon, who is not easily swayed by the trend, he added that he overcame it through his relationship with singer Lee Sun-hee, who is a great senior and role model of many singers.

goblin who steals wisdom

“Goblin Who Steals Wisdom” was released at 5 p.m on July 12th. 

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