The interview that shows the level difference of BLACKPINK and BTS’ stylists: K-netizens don’t understand why this stylist isn’t fired

Recently, a post on Pann is gathering attention for comparing the skills of BLACKPINK and BTS’ stylists.

On November 8, W Korea magazine published a special article titled “Kpop Style” where they interviewed 4 stylists who are currently working with famous groups. In particular, the answers of stylist BTS and stylist BLACKPINK have recently become the top topic of interest on online forums in Korea when many people think that they clearly see the difference in ability between the two coordi through this interview.

On November 10th, an anonymous Korean netizen made a post on the popular online community Pann comparing the stylists of the two most popular KPOP groups at the moment: BTS and BLACKPINK. The post includes the stylists’ interview with W Korea and photos of the groups’ outfits as an example, indicating that BLACKPINK’s stylist is on another level compared to BTS’. 

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The post has received 39,932 views, 295 agrees and 3 disagrees as of 3:25 pm, November 11.

The post is as follows:

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“Level Difference of BTS and BLACKPINK’s stylists

BTS’ stylist Lee Ha-jung

Lee Ha-jung

“Q. Thank you for answering to “W Korea” interview. We are curious about the process of you emerging as a stylist and gaining success.

Thanks to an unexpected opportunity that I was in charge of styling 2NE1 with my friends, I entered the path of being a stylist. I didn’t major in fashion but started this work naturally because I liked clothes. I have been working with BTS ever since their debut.

Q. Let’s start with Louis Vuitton. The Louis Vuitton 2021 F/W Men’s Show with BTS was such an overwhelmingly large-scaled work that is not easily seen in Korea. Do you have any memorable stories about that?

It was such a big project that I still remember clearly the day we filmed it. We filmed at a large set with many models. I was really happy to be able to see the interesting and bold outfits from Paris all in one place.


Q. It became a hot topic because BTS wore the clothes. This plays a big role in introducing Korean designers to the world. Is there any Korean designer you have been interested in recently?

Post Archive Faction (PAF). It’s the brand that advanced to the semi-final of the 2021 LVMH Prize.

Q. Hanbok styling was also presented quite a lot on BTS’s stages and music videos. The black Hanbok in “Daechwita” was a particularly shocking attempt, while the Hanboks on “IDOL” stages are more colorful, giving off a modern vibe. It’s not easy to do Hanbok styling, is it? How did you make them?

It’s quite interesting, actually. In the case of “IDOL”, after discussing with the members, I mixed different Hanbok brands one by one then styled them with bold jewelry and sneakers. It was a very fresh and enjoyable experience.


Q. As an editor, I think BTS’s fandom seems to have loved that a lot. (They also gave many positive suggestions, such as uniforms, suits or college senior look). Do you intend to satisfy the feedback from fans?

Every stage has a clear concept, so it’s not easy to satisfy all the opinions. This is because I discuss the music, stage production, stage set, and performance in different ways with many people. However, I do try to reflect on fans’ opinions as much as possible.

Q. BTS normally wears clothes from a variety of popular brands with different price ranges. How do you discuss this with HYBE?

Since the group has lots of activities, they need a huge amount of clothes for every schedule. If there is a brand that goes well with the stage concept, I discuss that with the company’s visual team to style the members in various ways.


Q. What work has clearly revealed your taste as a stylist?

That’s the music video of “ON” by BTS. I think the music, the set, and costumes in this MV are all well harmonized.


Q. Which member is interested in fashion the most?

RM and V.

Q. How can you describe Lee Ha-jung’s style in one sentence?

I prefer to mix and match different styles.

Q. Is there any artist that you get inspiration from?

Harry Styles. He has a free spirit and lovely style.

Q. What’s your future goal?

I want to experience styling for various foreign artists.”

BLACKPINK’s stylist Park Min-hee

Park Min-hee

Q. You are giving us your answers from Paris. I think it is your first overseas business trip since the COVID-19 crisis. How do you feel?

Because the schedule was tight just before my departure, I almost carried work on the plane. Two days after arriving, I realized, “Oh, I’m in Paris.” I went on a business trip to Paris just before the pandemic, but there are not many people in the Paris I came back to this time, and in many ways, it feels quite different from before.

Q. How was your experience with the duo Inez and Vinoodh for the opening film of the Chanel show? We’re curious about the scenery of the filming site.

The scenes of the day come to mind like a movie.  Jennie filmed with other models in a space decorated like backstage in the 1980s, but she filled the filming space with partitions and proceeded very concentratedly. On the other hand, while Chanel staff were busy moving beyond the partition, they sat around the sofa and talked freely while monitoring. Those images were unfamiliar, so it felt like a scene from an old movie. During the photo shoot, the photographer duo stood side by side. Usually, one photographer takes pictures. The scene was very fresh, too. They filmed in their respective positions and gave very accurate and detailed pose directing, and their charisma and aura were amazing. I was very happy to have such an experience.


Q. We are curious about Park Min-hee’s path from the start to the present.

I have dreamed of becoming a stylist since middle school, and I have never changed my dream. I majored in fashion design in college, too. While preparing for a job, I admired stylist Choi Kyung-won, who was in charge of Krystal and Jung Yoo-mi, but I sent her an email stating that I just wanted to have an interview. Thanks to the mail I sent, I started working as an assistant. At that time, the first artist I was in charge of was BLACKPINK, and I have already been with them for five years.

Q. As far as I know, BLACKPINK members give a lot of styling opinions.

The members are really interested in fashion. Sometimes I learn from them. Fashion is an area where people who are really interested can’t help but do well. The trend changes so quickly that the members may be in a hurry to follow, but while enjoying the change, they seem to know for sure what is important and suits them. They exchange opinions from the beginning of the concept, and share opinions when they find something cool, even in the usual days when there is no big project.

blackpink jennie

Q. CEO of The Black Label Teddy also gives a lot of opinions. What kind of direction is it?

He creates a large framework for stylists to make various attempts. There were times when he described an image that suddenly came to mind during a conversation, or styling was well drawn in his head thanks to the music or video he showed. On the other hand, there are times when he gave a very detailed direction, at which I was often surprised, ‘Wow, how did he know the difference in such small details?’ That’s why I tend to look at the details carefully. I think he give a lot of trust in the concepts and proposals I interpreted.

Q. There were words among fans that BLACKPINK stylist is a reform master. I was also surprised to see your bold reform that cut nearly half of the high-end brand clothes.

This is what I learned from stylist Choi Kyung-won. It is the result of a lot of bold and diverse attempts I have made. On some days, I sew all night to make cubic belts, and I make shoes out of fabric. Now, paying attention to the members’ body shape also plays a part. There are times when I feel like it shouldn’t be worn in its original shape cause it will look boring (smile).

blackpink jisoo

Q. Then, what part of the stage outfits do you care about the most?

I don’t know if there is any inconvenience. No matter how pretty the outfit is, if it’s uncomfortable to perform, there can’t be a perfect stage. If it’s stylish but uncomfortable to dance to, change the skirt into pants, or cut a dress into a crop top, try a variety of things to make it easier to move.

blackpink rose

Q. The most recent music video you’re in charge of is Lisa’s “Lalisa”. There are a lot of clothes and the range of brand use is very wide. How did you research for it?

This music video focused on showing Lisa’s various styles. From bolder and experimental brands to very lovely outfits that have never been done before, I has almost gone through brands around the world. There are so many brands these days, so something new comes out even if you keep your eyes on it. In fact, I like to search, so I search whenever I go by taxi or when I am waiting. My friends ask me if I’m working again, but for me, that’s a very comfortable way to rest.

blackpink lisa

Q. Then, what brand are you paying attention to recently discovered?

There are so many brands that I like, and I like a variety of styles, so it is difficult to pick one, but my favorite these days is Khaite. A few years ago, I bought an item directly and used it as a member’s outfit, and the material and fit are so perfect that I look forward to this brand whenever a new collection comes out. And I’m looking forward to the new collection of Mimi Wade that I learned while preparing for the “Ice Cream” music video, and there are many other brands that I’m hooked on such as Rowen Rose, Didu, Gmbh, Maisie Wilen, Ottollinger, etc.


Q. If you were to choose only one look from the looks you created, what would it be?

The most attached looks to me are the outfits taken at the canteen set of the “Lovesick Girls” music video. They are memorable because I went through a lot of modifications until the completion of the outfits, and additional modifications had to be made at the site. Fortunately, the results fit well with the set, song, and choreography, so the atmosphere on the site was good, and I am more attached to these outfits because I cut and sewed all my clothes myself.

blackpink lisa

Q. It’s a bit of a grand question, but how is it like to style a large artist that the world is paying attention to?

It’s a very big burden, but I’m proud of myself because I’ve been doing it since my first days, and I’m always sensitive because there’s a lot to pay attention to. Since there are so many people who think of BLACKPINK as who they want to become and the attention on them is huge, we are trying to do our best every time to meet the expectations and study various fields. In addition, I am so close to the members because I have been with them for a long time, and I have a deep affection for the members, so I have a great desire to do well.

Q. If you define Park Minhee’s style in one word?

The ingenuity of knowing moderation.


Q. What’s the next goal in your career?

Right now, I’m too busy and have a lot of schedules to go through, but I have a dream of going abroad someday. I went around the world while on a world tour a few years ago, and I think I have had such a dream since then. I’m so excited and happy to think that I’m doing what I like while traveling abroad. And when I’m ready to some extent, I want to launch a brand with my name on it. I dream of a total collection brand of my style, with not only fashion but also lifestyle and underwear.

From their interviews alone we can see the skill difference.”


  • She is not even good at it
  • This person is not even a stylist. Isn’t it more like an interview with someone passing by on the street?
  • Mix and match? Reflecting on fandom’s reactions? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋThis is so annoyed, I’m sick of it
  • Even when you copy the style, it looks strangely worse and more old-fashioned
  • I’m so jealous with BLINKs ㅠㅠ Can’t we just have one stylist from YG? I think any newbie could do better than that
  • “From the part where she said she liked ‘ON’ the most, it made me feel crazy. BTS fans all said that from the ‘ON’ era, the group’s style started to go down hill and became old-fashioned, it turned out to be because of the stylist.”
  • “I don’t understand why she hasn’t been fired yet ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
  • “Since ‘Boy With Luv’ era, I started to feel that BTS’s style is a bit weird, now I know from ‘Boy With Luv’ that Lee Ha Jung has been promoted as the main stylist…”
  • “Reading the interview with stylist BLACKPINK, you can tell that she is a meticulous person. But, most importantly, she is very attached to the members and has a sense of responsibility for her work.”

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