A Chinese trainee exposed the unfair treatment towards C-group on Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999”

Fans also doubt that Cai Bing, Fu Ya Ning and Su Rui Qi’s incidents in Girls Planet 999 were the result of this unfair treatment.

As the survival show “Girls Planet 999” is reaching its final round, netizens are making their prediction about the trainees who will get into the final night, or even the debut line-up. However, international fans are forced to question, “Is Mnet trying to get as many K-group trainees into the debut line-up as possible?”.

Girls Planet 999

These speculations come from a situation that happened recently after Chinese trainee Ma Yu Ling, who was eliminated from the show, appeared on her live stream to expose the stories behind the scenes of “Girls Planet 999”. What’s worth noticing is that, this trainee confirmed that there had been unfair treatment towards Chinese trainees. The Korean staff treat the C-group really badly compared to how they treat the Korean and Japanese group.

Girls Planet 999

One netizen narrated what Ma Yu Ling said in her livestream: “MYL during a live revealed that Korean staff treated the Chinese girls very differently. There were many times where the C group girls would get together and just cry, but luckily all of their friendship were really strong, and they helped each other. She said they can all take the pain well. There was one time where the staff made MYL so mad that she exploded (but they both apologised after). She said there are only two staff members who were particularly nice to the C group but  only 2.”

This post quickly attracted the special attention of many “Girls Planet 999” viewers as some began to wonder if Mnet was deliberately treating the Chinese contestants badly to make them can’t debut. Many netizens also pointed out that it is possible that the evil edit situations for Cai Bing, Fu Yaning, or Su Ruiqi were also scripted from the beginning, stemming from this discriminatory thought.

Currently, it is rumored that the finale of “Girls Planet 999” only counts text message votes from Korean audiences. If this rumor is true, it will most likely create a significant disturbance in the contestants’ rankings as most Koreans initially only supported K-GROUP trainees. Meanwhile, episode 11 airing tonight will announce the results of the 3rd qualifying round of “Girls Planet 999”, thereby determining 18 faces to move on to the finale.

Source: Tinnhac

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