ITZY shows heartwarming support for aespa despite losing on a music show

ITZY recently lost to aespa, but their reactions and attitude afterwards show that not only did they not feel upset because of losing, but also enjoyed their junior group’s song.

Both ITZY and aespa are currently busy promoting their new songs. The JYP’s girl group released their title track LOCO on September 24. Recently, they started promoting Swipe – one of the viral songs in the 1st full album on weekly music stages. Meanwhile, SM’s rookie group made a comeback with the mini album Savage and the title song of the same name on October 5. As their promotions overlap, the two groups not only met at many music shows but also competed for 1st place at Music Core on October 16.

Swipe – ITZY (Music Core on October 16, 2021)
Savage – aespa (Music Core on October 16, 2021)

At Music Core last weekend, aespa won 1st place against ITZY. However, the 5 girls from JYP were not upset because they lost. They happily clapped their hands to congratulate their junior group and bowed politely before leaving the stage.

ITZY aespa
ITZY bowed and applauded when aespa was announced as the winner

Additionally, ITZY’s actions during aespa’s encore made many fans’ hearts warm. Ryujin stepped forward and started singing Savage – the hit that helped aespa get their win. She sang along to the opening lines of the song while dancing and walking towards the aespa members. Yeji was also seen jamming to Savage. The female idol even rapped the “We holla” verse with Giselle.

Ryujin sang along and danced to Savage in front of aespa
ITZY aespa
Yeji (left corner of the screen) excitedly rapped with Giselle

Before ITZY walked down the stage, Ryujin, Yeji, Karina, Ningning, Winter and Giselle were dancing together in the middle of the stage. Although the two groups have a senior-junior relationship and were competing for No.1 at a music show, the adorable interactions between the girls show that they do not see each other as rivals. On the contrary, they are totally supportive and friendly with each other.

ITZY aespa
Not only did ITZY happily congratulate aespa, but the two groups also danced to Savage together, they don’t look like rivals at all!

Source: K14

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