Life of a Japanese idol: Being mentally tortured and treated as a joke on TV

Rather than being respected, Japanese idols are often treated as jokes for the audience.

Recently, an article entitled “The reason why Japanese idols want to move to Korea” appeared on Pann forum. This article has attracted a lot of attention from Korean netizens and became a hot topic.

Accordingly, the reason given by the author is because entertainment programs in Japan do not respect female idols. AKB48 – the country’s most popular idol group has fallen into this case.

In the 27-hour broadcast, the show’s MC, who is an old man will play chase game with AKB48 members. If the members are caught, the MC will lift up the girls’ skirts and hit their butts. This man even holds the girl’s legs and throw her in a circle, which looks pretty dangerous.

The MC hit the butt of an idol when caught her.
Not only that, she was thrown out like objects.
Then throw in water.
He continues to abuse another person …  
He continues to abuse another person …
Most frightening thing is that no Japanese complained about the actions, they even showed interest and found it funny.

Another member failed at escaping, this time the MC kicked the girl’s head and pushed her down the pool. Throughout the show, there were many irritating scenes like this.

The writer on Pann said that: “You can be Japan’s top idol and you’ll still become like that, the members need to do everything with a smile. It’s something that’s unthinkable in our country.

Here are some of the highlights of Korean netizens’ comments:

“That’s the country who cast oldies in their shows to be announcer and that announcer touched an idol’s butt and people got super bad and seeing that this event burst out, the announcer went on broadcast and cried while apologizing and survived while idols shave their heads because they’re caught dating. This country is just so problematic on so many aspects”

“Those Izone kids will get the biggest reality slap once they promote in Japan ;;;; They received the princess treatment and now this”

“They take others’ sufferings as a gag, as expected from those savage monkeys”

What do you think about the differences in idol culture between the two countries? Is that the reason why Japanese idols are starting to attack Korean market?

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