ITZY Lia pushes ahead with her activities while failing to resolve allegations of school violence

On the morning of June 20, ITZY participated in a face-to-face fan signing event hosted by Soundwave and had time to communicate with fans. In response, Lia, who is undergoing a reinvestigation into the “Suspicion of School Violence,” still has participated, which has caused mixed opinions among netizens. 

Earlier, it was revealed that a classmate ‘A’, who was charged with defamation when claiming to have been abused at school by Lia, was acquitted on June 13. 

In response, JYP said, “When we first filed a suit against [the individual in question], we were not filing a suit against a victim of school violence, but a suit against posts and comments that we determined to be malicious. The above posts were uploaded on online communities over the course of two years, starting from 2018. It was impossible for us to know who was posting them. And they were not concrete complaints about suffering school violence.”

The agency also warned of a request for a reinvestigation; saying: “The decision did not mean that Lia had committed school violence. Therefore, the artist and the company will appeal to the police and request a reinvestigation for defamation by false information in a timely manner.”

In the meantime, some netizens got angry by Lia’s continuous activities with ITZY.  The public thinks that the management company’s decision is disapointing when Lia’s still active even though the investigation is ongoing without resolving the related allegations.  On the other hand, some netizens also said that Lia can still continue to carry out the schedule. They thought there is no accurate evidence for the accusation of school violence related to her.

Meanwhile, JYP sued A for defamation when she accused Lia of bullying her at school.  With A being declared innocent, JYP is asking for a re-investigation and their fight for the truth seems to continue.

Source: Nate

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