JYP’s new girl group NMIXX debuts with “O.O” on “Show! Music Core”

Girl group NMIXX had a splendid debut stage on “Music Core”.

NMIXX performed their debut song “O.O” on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” which aired on March 5th.  Before the stage, NMIXX had time to introduce the group and music. The members described the group name NMIXX as “a combination of ‘N’ in now, new, next, the unknown quantity n and ‘MIX’ which symbolizes diversity.”

NMIXX Music Core

About the title song “O.O”, Sullyoon said, “O.O means the exclamation “Oh!”, as well as depicting someone whose eyes are wide open in awe.” Regarding the key things to watch for, Jiwoo shared, “Please pay attention to the song’s addictive chorus and our colorful charms.” Lily added, “The key point is that we can show various charms and concepts on one stage.”

NMIXX Music Core

On the “O.O” stage, NMIXX drew attention with their doll-like visuals and stable performance that was not like a rookie.

NMIXX Music Core

The March 5th broadcast of “Show! Music Core” featured Super Junior, Cherry Bullet, TREASURE, Rocket Punch, NMIXX, Tempest, Wonho, Han Seung-yoon, TRENDZ, Rocking Doll, Hong Eui-jin and Park Hyun-seo.

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