Two opposing sides of Red Velvet’s Irene: Cold, distant but also soft and caring, what is her real personality?

Irene (Red Velvet) is known for her cold, goddess-like beauty along with her straightforward and strong personality. This is not only Irene’s strength but it is also a weakness.

Irene (Red Velvet), whose real name is Bae Joo Hyun, was born on March 29, 1991. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Aries women are often strong, intelligent, and resilient. They can also be gentle and caring to others. Therefore, they are loved and respected by everyone around them.

Red Velvet Irene personality

The cold, goddess-like beauty with a little bit of arrogant attitude

Irene is known as one of the top visuals of K-pop 3rd generation. Her flawless beauty with a cold aura is a strong point but also a weakness that brings her problems. Many people think that Irene is too confident in her beauty, so there have been many times when she got involved in controversy over allegedly showing a rude attitude towards others.

Red Velvet Irene personality

The most well-known one is Irene’s power abuse scandal. In October 2020, social media was taken by storm when a stylist posted on Instagram to accuse a female idol of having poor manners and verbally attacking staff members for 20 minutes. After that, the stylist announced that she had received Irene‘s direct apology and decided to forgive the leader of Red Velvet. Irene went on to take a hiatus after the scandal. It was not until August 2021 that she started being active again and officially made a comeback with Red Velvet and gradually restored her position in the hearts of the public. 

Red Velvet Irene personality

In addition, Irene has also faced mixed reactions from netizens when she was accused of showing an attitude towards other members of Red Velvet. Once on the stage, Wendy helped Irene escape from being knocked over by a large Jenga block but Irene did not look like she was grateful for it. Irene was also caught showing an unpleasant attitude when she bumped into Joy on her way to a schedule. 

Warm and caring to everyone around

During the filming of a Red Velvet’s reality show, because Joy couldn’t attend due to her personal schedule, Irene showed how considerate she was by leaving a note in Joy’s room. In addition, during the tour of Red Velvet, Irene mostly bought things for other members and staff, but rarely bought anything for herself. This shows how selfless she is. 

During the ‘REDMARE’ concert held in Toronto, Canada on February 19, 2019. Knowing that Toronto was where Wendy grew up, Irene defied SM’s ban of celebrating Wendy’s birthday at the concert and sang Wendy a happy birthday song at the end of the night with their fans.

On August 2, after a successful comeback with ‘Queendom,’ Red Velvet treated their staff with well-prepared meals on the show “Queendom Restaurant” to celebrate their comeback after nearly 2 years. On the show, the staff shared many stories about Red Velvet’s members. Hairstylist Soon Yi opened up about her sweet memory with Irene, “[Irene] came to me saying, ‘Ssaem,’” (ssaem is a shortened version of the Korean word for “teacher” and is used as a term of respect for experts.)

Irene (Red Velvet) with the outstanding feature of an Aries female is a straightforward, strong personality but can also be mistaken as arrogant and distant. Although there were times when she was caught in an attitude scandal, through Irene’s actions, it can be seen that the female idol really felt sorry and has been trying to show better sides of herself to not disappoint the fans. Deep inside, Irene has always been warm, kind, and always attentive to everyone around. That is what makes fans adore Irene and stay by her side through ups and downs. 

Red Velvet Irene personality
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