BTS to celebrate 8th debut anniversary, fulfill the promise “Will survive to the end”

Before celebrating their 8th anniversary together, BTS had faced so many difficulties and was even said to disappear from K-pop’s map soon.

Today (June 13) is BTS’s 8th debut anniversary. Back to the past when these 7 boys were mercilessly crushed, they were even supposed to flop and disband soon.

On June 13, 2013, BTS officially debuted as a hip-hop group. In the debut showcase, 7 boys appeared in street-style outfits, hairstyles, and eyeliners, affirming the path they are about to pursue.

“We just debuted. People say that it will be hard for idol groups to survive but we will survive until the end.” BTS said in the showcase.

The path to success for idol groups is inherently tough and for BTS it is even more challenging. Debuting under an unknown company with a lot of debt, the boys also had to deal with hateful and harsh comments from netizens.

Anti-fans mocked the group’s concept, style, looks, and even the name Bangtang Soyeondan (Bulletproof Youth Corps). Year after year, “evil” netizens constantly denigrated and underestimated their music, denied the boys’ effort, sweat and tears. Many people have sneered that this group will only be in the “flop” scene and only be active for 2 years at the most.

But with their musical dream and relentless effort, BTS has proven the netizens’ judgments completely wrong. And just like the affirmation on debut day “We will survive to the end”, now they and their fans celebrate the 8th debut anniversary together.

Watch BTS’ latest song here:

Success, fame reaching the global scale is a big pride for BTS’s fans. However, the fact that the 7 boys have been together for more than 7 years, stuck together and stepped on criticism and ridicule together to achieve success like today is even more precious to fans.

The “7-year curse” is a common obsession for all Korean idol groups because 7 years are the contract period between the management company and idol. After this milestone, all groups have to go through major incidents in maintaining their music activities with a full lineup. From the past until now, many groups, even the most popular ones, have made fans regrettable when they all disbanded after this time. However, it does not mean that all groups are entangled in this curse, one of which is BTS.

“As long as we’re together, the desert can turn into an ocean.” Indeed, over the past 7 years, 7 members have been together, even in the most difficult and extreme periods. They have gone through challenges together, experienced the first taste of victory until standing on top glory as it is now. Growing up together, BTS has proven that they are not going to disappear soon, but have overcome the “7-year curse” and will go a long way together.

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