Huang Zi-Tao angered the fan community when he mentioned EXO

Recently, Tao has continuously made people stir up with his mysterious moves, mentioning the names of colleagues or famous characters.

The EXO fan community on Weibo is extremely angry with Z.Tao – the male singer recently has been constantly controversial with statements on the social network.  After mentioning IU, now Tao is accused of using EXO’s reputation to promote his newly released music product.

Specifically, when releasing a new song called Moments, Tao shared photos taken from his chat diary, which included a lot of private photos from his time with EXO.  Netizens, especially EXO-L, feel extremely frustrated by that thing.  Many people said that he deliberately took advantage of the reputation of his old teammates to promote his new song.

On the social network, netizens argued fiercely: “He left EXO, is he still trying to enjoy their reputation now?”, “Betrayed teammates, now post photos again as if they were very close “,” Please don’t mention EXO, you are not a member of EXO anymore “,” Are you mentioning EXO now? “, …

Indeed, over the past time, Tao has made people argue.  Before that, in a live stream, the male singer suddenly confessed that he was in love with a Korean female star, as long as that person agreed he would immediately hold the wedding.  Cnet turned all the evidence and found out that the person Tao mentioned was IU.  Later, when the “ethnic hot boy” became an internet phenomenon, Tao also confided that he wanted to come to Sichuan to talk with this boy.  Netizens said that the male singer is taking advantage of the popularity of hot characters to stand out for himself.

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