NMIXX Kyujin is getting massive attention in Kpop

NMIXX’s maknae, Kyujin, is a female singer born in 2007 who has comprehensive skills and takes on the center position in the group.

On March 3rd, Mydaily newspaper reported on the popularity of Kyujin, the youngest member of NMIXX. According to Mydaily, Kyujin is receiving attention and love from the public when taking the center position of NMIXX.

nmixx kyujin

Mydaily newspaper analyzes that the success of Kpop groups comes from the fact that each member takes on different roles, such as main vocal, main rapper, visual and center. In which, the center is the one with comprehensive skills, suitable for the group’s most pursued image and stands at the center of many group activities. 

The center of the group often draws attention at the beginning, climax, or end of a performance. In every idol group, especially girl groups, the central position is quite important. In the case of NMIXX, Kyujin and Jinni take turns taking the center position. Jinni often stands in the center of the interacting and group photo sessions. Meanwhile, the youngest Kyujin holds a prominent position in the performances, especially the chorus. 

nmixx kyujin

According to Mydaily, Korean audiences recently continuously discussed who should take the center position in the group NMIXX. A post about this issue garners massive views and comments. Most of the opinions agree that Kyujin fits the image of being both strong, personable and cute in NMIXX’s debut song O.O. Therefore, she stands in the center in both the opening, ending and chorus. 

“NMIXX’s youngest member usually stands at the center in the opening, climax and ending. She also seems to be the member who does the most important parts” is the content of the article that is attracting attention.

nmixx kyujin

Under the post, viewers commented, “I think she has many charms and is suitable to be the center”, “She dances well and is very attractive”, “I like Jinni the most but I think Kyujin has more charms and talents to stand in the center”, etc.

Born in 2007, Kyujin is the youngest member of NMIXX. NMIXX officially debuted on February 22nd with the song O.O.

NMIXX is a girl group under JYP Entertainment. The group became famous right after their debut and sold more than 220,000 album copies within the first week. 

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