JYP is criticized for releasing TWICE’s calendar photos with only 8 members

There are still 3 months left until the end of the year, but JYP has rushed to make money to the point of “cutting off” Jeongyeon!(TWICE) from the group’s calendar photos.

Recently, JYP has opened a pre-order for the Season’s Greetings calendar for Japanese fans of TWICE. It wouldn’t be worth talking about at all if the fans didn’t notice an abnormality in the number of members. In the pictures and accompanying goods revealed, there are only 8 members present. Meanwhile, Jeongyeon, who is currently retreating from her activities with the group to treat a neck injury and an anxiety disorder, is completely absent.

twice Jeongyeon
Jeongyeon will be absent from TWICE’s 2021 calendar photos

This has caused great frustration to ONCEs, especially when TWICE’s fandom is mostly OT9 (the fans that always want TWICE to have full 9 members). Now that Jeongyeon is cut off like that, ONCE’s anger is understandable. A lot of people think that JYP is trying to make money in a defiant way. There are still 3 months left until the end of the year. Obviously, they can wait for Jeongyeon to recover but JYP is in such a hurry that they decided to ignore her absence and just release the calendar. 

twice Jeongyeon
During the comeback in June, Jeongyeon had to suppress the pain of injury to perform, her face also showed stress and anxiety many times.
twice Jeongyeon
Fans are hoping for her to recover soon and reunite with 8 members, but JYP has the heart to “deny” her presence in the group.

Some angry comments about JYP’s way of ignoring Jeongyeon from promoting members:

  • The company is really funny
  • Sometimes I wonder why I’m stanning a group that doesn’t have any respect from the management company.
  • At first, I also thought of buying, but I looked carefully and saw OT8, I quit quickly, I quit this time.
  • It’s not that the fans are angry when they see it.  She is sick, not getting involved in scandals to be left alone like this.
  • They want everything. Even though TWICE is the golden group of the company, seeing what JYP does to them makes me want to cry.
  • ONCEs are mostly OT9 but if they are only fans, they still support the other members. Is there any OT9 who put a calendar with only 8 people on the desk?
  • Is JYP short of money? They are doing without thinking!

Source: K14

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