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ITZY Chaeryeong denies plastic surgery allegations → Yuna is expected to be a villain (Amazing Saturday)

ITZY Chaeryeong denied having plastic surgery.

ITZY Yeji, Yuna and Chaeryeong appeared on the July 16th broadcast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday“.

ITZY, which made a comeback with “Sneakers”, appeared in the studio with a refreshing charm. ITZY members expressed expectations for “Amazing Saturday” with their whole bodies.

MC Boom drew attention by introducing, “Yeji is a ‘yes leader’ who shouts ‘yes’ in everything. She says she’s worried about her personality today.” Yeji said, “What I say several times a day is ‘yes’. I agree with others’ opinions too easily. I’m a little worried.” 

After hearing Yeji’s words, MC Boom made everyone laugh by replying, “Me too. A few days ago, even though there was a minor collision, I said ‘It’s good’.” Park Na-rae pointed out with a disgusted expression, “It’s MSG. It’s for broadcasting.”

Next, MC Boom introduced Chaeryeong, “I heard that ITZY has Little Kim Dong-hyun.” Chaeryeong was surprised and said, “I didn’t rearrange that area.”

Earlier, during the makeup introduction session, Kim Dong-hyun confessed that he rearranged the fat under his eyes. Chaeryeong was surprised by the title “Little Kim Dong-hyun” and denied having plastic surgery.

Boom soothed Chaeryeong, who was bewildered, “It’s not like that.”

Boom then introduced Yuna, “There’s a member that all ITZY members picked to be a ‘villain’. Yuna’s goal today is ‘to get both villain and hero titles’.” Upon hearing this, Yuna burst into laughter.

Yuna heralded her role as a villain, “I never sang the lyrics right when singing. The purpose of my singing is to practice vocalization. So I’ll rewrite all the lyrics and sing.”

However, Yuna also added, “It seems that ‘Amazing Saturday’ is a bit of luck. I may become a hero. I think I’ll be able to do well.” The members burst into laughter at Yuna’s willingness to be a hero.

The first-round song was selected as Wonder Girls’ “Act Cool”. ITZY members showed strong confidence as it is a song of seniors under JYP, but Yuna was frustrated by the fact that it was released in 2011. Yuna said, “I don’t know. I was 8 years old then.”

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