Japanese Lesbian and Bisexual Community’s Favorite K-Pop Female Idols Revealed in Recent Vote

In a recent poll, the Japanese lesbian and bisexual community came together to voice their preferences for the most beloved female idols.

This poll, titled “Favorite K-pop Idol of the Japanese Lesbian and Bisexual Community,” was conducted on X and showcased the female idols that resonated most with this particular demographic.

The results of the poll have now been unveiled, revealing a list of top 10 K-pop female idols who have struck a chord with the Japanese lesbian and bisexual audience. The voting statistics are as follows:

1. Ahn Yujin (IVE) – 88 votes, 3.05%

2. Karina (aespa) – 87 votes, 3.01%

3. Seola (WJSN) and Mina (TWICE) – 77 votes, 2.67%

5. Sana (TWICE) – 71 votes, 2.46%

6. Seulgi (Red Velvet) – 68 votes, 2.36%

7. Gaeul (IVE) – 65 votes, 2.26%

8. Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM) – 64 votes, 2.22%

9. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) – 63 votes, 2.19%

10. Eunseo (WJSN) – 55 votes, 1.91%

The enthusiasm for this poll extended beyond the Japanese community, with Korean netizens expressing their agreement and support for the results, as they left comments:

  • I’m also bi, and this result is accurate.
  • Yujin is mine!
  • Totally agree, no doubt.
  • I also want to date Karina.
  • Yujin, Karina, and Seola are my top picks too.
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