Girl group whose song made Mijoo cry, will they be the 2nd Brave Girls with chart resurgence?

H1-KEY released their 1st mini album “Rose Blossom” with the title track of the same name last month. “Rose Blossom” conveys the message that H1-KEY will bloom beautifully and never bend or wither even in a difficult world.


DAY6 member Young K wrote the lyrics and Hong Ji Sang participated in the composition, raising high expectations before the release. But the song did not stand out much on the music charts at first, and H1-KEY ended their music show promotions with KBS2’s “Music Bank” on February 17th. 

However, on February 16th, Mijoo, a former member of the group Lovelyz, appeared on the YouTube channel “Cho Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night” of Urban Zakapa’s Cho Hyun Ah, and said that she cried while listening to “Rose Blossom”, attracting attention to the song. 

Mijoo mentioned “Rose Blossom” several times on her own Instagram story and even uploaded a video of a dance challenge with H1-KEY.

“Rose Blossom” went viral through online communities and entered the Melon TOP100 daily chart on February 24th at 98th place, announcing the start of a reverse run. In addition to Melon, it is showing an upward trend in different domestic charts, landing at No. 22 on Genie, No. 7 on Bugs, No. 29 on Flo, and No. 78 on YouTube Music. 


It is also gaining popularity among global K-pop fans as it ranked 56th on Apple Music, 156th on Spotify, and 21st on Shazam. 

The change in H1-KEY’s album sales is also extraordinary. In the real-time Hanteo Chart’s physical album ranking, H1-KEY continued to break its own record.

It is more unusual for idols from small and medium-sized domestic agencies to enter the top of the music charts belatedly with only a song than idols from large agencies.  Attention is focusing on whether H1-KEY will rise more on the charts. 

Source: wikitree

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