Im Si-wan “I Agreed To Appear In ‘Squid Game 2’ Without A Second Thought”

Actor Im Si-wan expressed his anticipation for his role in Netflix’s original series “Squid Game 2”

Im Si-wan shared this during an interview related to the movie “Road to Boston” at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul on September 21st.

During the interview, Im Si-wan mentioned that he is making an appointment with senior actor Lee Byung-hun, saying, “We made plans, but it was postponed after mentioning October 8th.” He humorously added, “Meeting in the same project with senior Lee Byung-hun seems faster.”

im si wan

Previously, Lee Byung-hun shared an amusing incident on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”. He told Im Si-wan to come over to his house for formality sake, but Im Si-wan took it seriously and actually visited him.

Regarding this incident, Im Si-wan caused laughter by saying, “I can’t easily distinguish whether it’s a casual greeting or if it’s sincere. If he asks me to have a meal, I really have to (have a meal with him).”

Im Si-wan gained attention for joining “Squid Game 2” alongside Lee Byung-hun. He confessed, “Currently, I feel great about working together with people I like and admire. I’m sincerely happy about it.

Furthermore, he revealed that there was no hesitation in accepting the offer for “Squid Game 2”. He shared, “As of now, I have no doubts. Season 1 was released, and I watched it all. ‘Squid Game’ is a genre that I really enjoy and watch to relax. While watching ‘Squid Game’, I became convinced that I like this genre. So when I received the offer for Season 2, I said ‘I’ll do it’ without a second thought.

Source: Daum

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