The truth behind dating rumors of an NCT member and a rookie actress, agency to take action

The agency of actress Kwon Ah Reum spoke up about her alleged relationship with NCT’s Doyoung.

Rookie actress Kwon Ah Reum recently denied rumors of her engaging in a romantic relationship with NCT’s Doyoung


An official statement from her agency, SWMP, wrote: 

“Hello, This is SWMP.

We would first like to clarify that the recent rumors spreading on internet forums that surround actress Kwon Ah Reum are totally false. 

We will take all possible legal action because we believe that it’s no longer possible to tolerate malicious actions towards our artist, including the spreading of false information, defamation, insulting, slandering, and other personal attacks.

We will do our best to protect our artists’ rights and take action to the best of their interests.”

Previously on May 7th, an user on the internet forum Pann raised suspicions about a relationship between actress Kwon Ah Reum and NCT’s Doyoung.


According to the user, Kwon Ah Reum used the unpopular word “Ddo-ing” in her Instagram caption, which happened to be a nickname of Doyoung. The two are also co-stars in an upcoming drama project, leading to doubts about the nature of their relationship.

Soon after the rumor arose, actress Kwon Ah Reum was drowned in malicious comments made by NCT fans. It was previously reported that Ah Reum and Doyoung’s drama, “To X who doesn’t love me”, has finished filming and is scheduled to air in June. 


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