ELLE France Addresses the Romance Between BLACKPINK Jennie and BTS V

Prestigious magazine Elle France directly brought up Jennie and V’s dating story in its September issue featuring Jennie as the cover star.

In a recent spotlight, BLACKPINK Jennie graced the cover of ELLE France. Amid the excitement, the magazine’s introduction to Jennie took an unexpected turn, shedding light on her unconfirmed romantic relationship with BTS V.

ELLE France addressed a topic that has stirred a massive online frenzy. The closing paragraph reads, “Another, even more intimate topic, has attracted millions of comments online: the romantic relationship between her and V, a member of the K-Pop boy group BTS. We still don’t know more about this matter, and for Jennie Kim, the current priority is BLACKPINK.”

Although fans and netizens alike have been eagerly following every detail of the rumored romance between the two top idols, Jennie and V’s respective agencies have yet to confirm or deny their relationship as of now.

ELLE France’s coverage, however, comes in the form of a comprehensive compilation of information and a narrative of events associated with Jennie. It’s essential to note that the article doesn’t feature a direct Q&A interview with Jennie herself.

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