“Full-body tattoo” Nana “That was the way I expressed my emotions”

After School member-actress Nana is receiving a lot of support for revealing the story behind her full-body tattoo and sharing her emotional journey.

In September last year, Nana caught attention when she appeared at the press conference of the movie “Confession” with elaborate tattoos covering her entire body, sparking discussions and debates about their authenticity and meaning.

Amidst various speculations, her agency’s official stance added to the intrigue by stating that due to the artist’s privacy, they could not provide a definitive answer. Nana later clarified that the tattoos were a personal choice, not related to her work. While she hinted that she might explain the reason behind her tattoos someday, she remained cautious in her response.

Nana’s tattoos, showcased at the press conference of Netflix’s original series “Glitch”, added to her chic and bold charm, becoming a part of her signature style. However, on the YouTube show “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night”, she revealed that she was currently in the process of removing her full-body tattoo at her mother’s request.

She said, “The moment I put on the tattoo was when I had a hard time before. I think that was the way I expressed my emotions. Some people might think I’m dealing with emotion in an ignorant manner. I think tattoo was the only way to express my feelings at that time.”

She continued, “I have no difficulty in removing the tattoo. As time passed by, I got so much better and looked comfortable, and that’s the time my mom told me about her opinion. I think she thought that letting me do whatever I wanted was the right decision at that time. I’m removing these. My mom carefully asked me and said she wants to see my clean body.

Nana confessed, “The moment I opened my tattoo, I was at a public stage. It became an issue at that time. A lot of people are curious. My fans must have wanted to know why Nana put a lot of tattoos on her body. I thought time would come to talk about why I tattooed. I just didn’t know, it’d be this soon.”

Source: Daum

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