Goo Hye Sun “Am I an ATM? There are many people asking me to lend them money, but no one paid me back”

Actress Goo Hye Sun lent money but could not get it back.

On April 29th, a video titled “Goo Hye Sun Over Flowers” was posted on the YouTube channel “1q60”. In the video, Goo Hye Sun said, “My MBTI is INTJ. Don’t NTs feel disgusted by people like them? I’m a college student, so I know MBTI well.”

She talked about her hobbies, “I draw pictures or play the piano. I also swim. I cycle, too. I do things people don’t tell me to do. I like to play Go, but I only played it with AI. I’ve never tested positive for COVID-19. There are many times when social distancing is helpful. I’ve always lived like that. It’s been like that since my debut. That’s been my daily life. I’ve always worn a mask and bought things by courier.”

She surprised everyone by saying, “Even though people said it’d be better to install the app at the bank, I took my bankbook and went there. When consumption is convenient, consumption increases, so consumption can be reduced only when the system is inconvenient. When my income grew, many people asked me to lend them money. When I was young, I couldn’t refuse and lent a lot. I paid my friends’ school expenses. As there were a lot of things like that, I thought, ‘Am I an ATM?’ I didn’t lend money to get it back. I changed my mindset because no one paid me back.”


Goo Hye Sun shared her thoughts, “Everyone has a side that looks like an outsider, and another side that looks like an insider. Everyone looks different depending on the situation. It’s not something to be judged. If you’re okay with it, then there’s no problem. I got a consultation before, and the questionnaire was very thick. It was a test about depression and isolation. When I finished the questions, they said it wasn’t depression. Everyone has a complicated temperament.”

Source: Nate

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